Here you will find everything you wish to know about our beautiful coffee farm and hostel. We sell our delicious Colombian coffee, offer comprehensive tours, and provide accommodation space for camping and in dorm beds. Keep reading and you are welcome to visit us.

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Meet Carla, Oriol & Nico

Carla and Uri are world travellers, scuba diver instructors, artesans and now entrepreneurs originally from Barcelona, who came to Salento in order to raise their energetic and curious son Nico in a peaceful and green environment. Of course, they also love coffee! They speak Catalan, Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

Oriol Parés


Carla Alcalde




Our vision

The vision of Momota’s Coffee Farm

Integral Policy

The policy we follow to please our customers

Environmental programs

We are committed to sustainability in order to reduce environmental impact.

Our Vision

coffee and bananas

When Carla and Uri bought the property it was overgrown with aggressive pasture grass, and included a tiny house in very bad condition.

They immediately began the process of removing the grass and revitalising the coffee plantation. This process continues to involve a programme of reforestation and organic polyculture cultivation using permaculture design techniques. Eventually guests will never fail to find an interesting biological discovery or a tasty bite along the paths of Finca Momota. This also serves to protect and enhance the biodiversity of the Finca, where it is already possible to spot a large number of bird species and a variety of wildlife.

In addition the property includes a large area of native forest and over 30 of the famous native Quindio wax palm trees. It is the dream of Carla and Uri to create a retreat / wellness / meditation / yoga / space in this tranquil and protected area where guests can enjoy the truly peaceful views of the Salento landscape.

wax palms distant

Currently they are working hard to renovate and reconstruct the original house into a home and guest house built largely using local bamboo (Guadua). Here they will provide the full experience of a Colombian coffee farm, where you will drink coffee produced steps from your hand and wake up to stunning views across the Salento valley with the famous palm trees at your side.

Carla and Uri would like to share the experience and beauty of this special biodiversity coffee Finca. They look forward to sharing their hospitality with you.

Integral policy

Momota coffee farm SAS’s policy to fulfill the dreams of its customers

To achieve this we rely on the management system integrated ISO 9001: 2008, OHSAS 18001: 2007, NTC 5133: 2006 working permanently in identifying the needs and expectations of our customers and implementing actions to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty, committed all of our human talent working with excellence, security and dedication.

Therefore we promise to meet legal requirements and environmental aspects applicable to the house: gas emission (carbon monoxide) to the environment, waste, generation, consumption of chemicals, in order to minimize environmental impact; likewise meet the requirements associated with the following hazards: Biomechanical, physical, psychosocial, safety conditions, risks associated with the operation generated in the farm, to mitigate or eliminate risks, controlling accidents and occupational diseases. Ensure continuous process improvement and quality in the provision of products / services offered.

Our environmental programs

Committed to sustainability and reduced environmental impact we carry out the following programs:

AVA program: We contribute to NO atmospheric, visual pollution, and auditory identifying different sources and controlling its involvement. We use environmentally friendly refrigerants for ecominibar in the bedroom along with the camping area and also sensitize employees, suppliers and customers.

REDUCE TO PRESERVE: We contribute to the sustainable use of our natural resources through activities that allow reducing water consumption and energy using mini- solar panels for illumination of roads, sensitization water consumption, and also sensitize employees, suppliers and customers.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: We source separation of waste, recycling and responsible management of hazardous wastes.

CHEMICALS CONSUMPTION: We contribute and improve the environment by using biodegradable products.

FLORA AND FAUNA: Protection of native species. Law 1453 of 2011, Art 29. We inform our community of guests, suppliers and human talent on the protection of species of native and endemic to the region of Salento fauna.

* Finca Cafetera momota pursues the achievement of having the Colombian Environmental Seal certified and Rainforest Alliance.


  • Law 1185 of 2008. General Law of Culture for which tangible and intangible cultural assets are protected.
    Decree 763 of 2009, which the Laws 814 of 2003 and 397 of 1997 as amended by the 1185 Act of 2008, as for the Cultural Heritage of the Nation of material nature are partially regulated.
  • Law 84 of 1989. By which the National Charter for the Protection of Animals, protection against suffering and pain, caused directly or indirectly by man is adopted.
  • Law 1482 of 2011. This law aims to criminally punish acts of discrimination on grounds of race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, political or philosophical ideology, sex or sexual orientation, disability and other grounds of discrimination.
  • Law 1752 of 2015. Through which the 1482 Act 2011 is amended to penalizing discrimination against persons with disabilities.
  • Law 1453 of 2011. Protection against trafficking of specimens, products or parts faunal, forest, floristic, aquatic, biological or genetic resources of Colombian biodiversity.
  • Law 1335 of 2009. Anti – Tobacco, for a space free of tobacco smoke.
  • Law 1336 of 2009. By means of which it is added and strengthened the Law 679 of 2001, to combat exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism involving children and adolescents.
Great coffee tour with a great guide!
RaphaelaParticipated in one of our tours
A great place to stay, Carla and Ouri know a lot of things about permaculture and love sharing their knowledge.
TitiHappy customer
I volunteered here for 3 weeks and I really liked it. It's a huge farm and construction. Apart from coffee I learned a lot about permaculture. I'm definitely coming back within a few years, it's totally worth it!
IsisHappy volunteer