Coffee Farm

Finca Momota Coffee Farm

Our coffee is produced from 7 year old coffee trees descended from a line 80 years old, which can still be seen standing proud among their grandchildren. We produce 3 types of coffee; Arabic (of which we are the sole producers in this region), Castilla Variety and Colombian Variety (genetic modified Arabic coffee trees cross with Caturra Variety and the Hybrid Timor).

The lines are continued through an Arabic coffee nursery on the property, which will one day replace the ageing trees.

Collection and processing is done entirely by hand using traditional equipment and a lot of hard work and patience.

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Our Coffee
Here at Finca Momota Coffee Farm we use ancestral techniques guided by local expertise to ensure that our trees grow in a form well tested for the climate and ecosystem of the region. Alongside this we implement Permaculture design to harness the natural advantages of shade, nutrient fixing, pest and disease control, water capture and much more so that our coffee is produced organically and sustainably.

This also preserves and enriches the fantastic biodiversity of fauna and flora in our land, encouraging the re-establishment of many native species and provides food for us and the wildlife we share our property with.

It is said that our coffee contains aromas of chocolate, red fruits and a final burst of panela (a raw sugar derived from sugar cane). You can buy it locally (Galeria Fin del Afan, kiosk Mundo CafĂ© or at the ‘Aldea del Artesano’) and experience it in two forms directly at Finca Momota. So why take our word for it? Come and taste the unique flavour in the midst of our beautiful coffee farm on one of our tours!

Momota Coffee