Coffee Lab Workshop

4 Hours
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Coffee Lab Workshop
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Max 8

130.000 COP

Do not follow Google Maps please. Coffee Lab Workshop start at 2pm and must to book 24 hours in advanced. Take 4-5 hours to complete. All prices are in Colombian Pesos

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This in-depth workshop provides a more comprehensive and hands on experience for those wishing to learn more. The 3-4 hour workshop starts with a walk around the coffee plantation. Here you will learn about different varieties of coffee plants, their origins, and how it is harvested and fermented.  We will then move to the learning and development center, where our specialty coffee is processed, for a fermentation master class.  After this we have a hands-on coffee cupping and experiment in extraction (control of the ground). We will prepare and taste coffee using five different methods: Moka, French Press, V60, Chemex and Aeropress. The coffee cupping is accompanied by a tasting of fruits and sweets plus a customer brew preparation itself to practice.  Notebooks are provided so you can take your new learning home with you. Enjoy coffee lab science!


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