Sense Coffee Tour

3 Hours
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Max 12

65.000 COP

Do not follow Google Maps please. Sense Coffee Tour start at 2pm every day and take 3 hours to complete. All prices are in Colombian Pesos

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Tour of the senses: This tour incorporates the standard coffee tour so you will learn and see first hand how we grow our coffee, harvest it, process it and make it ready for our customers. We will also introduce you into how we implement ancestral methods and permaculture design with biotechnology fertilization to produce high quality coffee, without chemicals, that contributes to the biodiversity of our beautiful land.

However we wish to introduce our guests into the magic of the entirety of our property where all the senses of sight, sound, touch and taste are invoked among our bio-diverse landscape and beautiful vistas. On this tour you will taste and smell the produce of our luscious fruit trees and aromatic gardens. Hear the sounds of life from within our hectare of protected forest, open your eyes wide at the sight of the many resident exotic bird species and insects. And marvel at our 42 famous wax palms against the beautiful backdrop of the Salento valley. Here you can pause and take in the tranquillity of this spot.

At the end of the tour you’ll be treated to two forms of coffee infusion; French Press (a lighter, softer flavour) with our specialty honey coffee beans and Italian Cafetiere (stronger, deeper flavour) or Moka with our wash traditional coffee beans.


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